Apparitions Just Outside the View
Jan. 2012 Ginjoha
November Light
Jan. 2012 Bridgetown Records
Heath Grass
Dec. 2011 Still Sleep
Nebulous Sequence 2
Dec. 2011 Ghetto Naturalist Series
Sep. 2011 Tobira Records
Shadow on the Lawn
July 2011 Organic Industries
Words Left Behind on Ashes
July 2011 Cassauna
In Sea-land
July 2011 Install
Where I Belong
March 2011 Self-Released
Away from the Lunar Waters
Feb. 2011 Hibernate Recordings
Momentarily Endless
Jan. 2011 Tobira Records
A Yearlong Thought
Oct. 2010 Install
Nov. 2009 Hibernate Recordings
Richard Laihart & Hakobune split
Jul. 2009 Tobira
Hakobune & David Tagg split
Oct. 2008 Install
We Left The Window Open Sometimes
Aug. 2008 Symbolic Interaction
Melting Reminiscence
Jul. 2008 Waterscape Records
Wandering Toward What Was Unsaid
Jul. 2007 U-cover Records
Sense of Place
May. 2007 U-cover Records


After Tape
March 2011 Daenn
The Silence Was Warm vol.3
Feb. 2011 Symbolic Interaction
Truth Serum
Jan. 2011 I Absentee
Generation Ship
Oct. 2010 Sing Leaf
The Install Sound?-?Brochure, 2010 Edition
Aug. 2010 Install
Jan. 2010 Duckbay
MANDORLA Autumn Tunes Net Collection Vol.3
Jan. 2009 Mandorla
Oct. 2007 Akichi Records
U-cover mix 01 [ambient]
Jun. 2007 U-cover Records